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Paris Fall / Winter 2020-21 Fashion Week will end on March 3. As of now, international influencers are sporting hairstyles that set the pace for summer. This season, let your imagination run wild …

1 / The short square in the streets
Soberly entitled “bob”, the short square is very present. If we predicted it as a simple trend a few seasons ago, this hairstyle has now taken to the streets, from Kaia Gerber to Linda Tol, and increasingly shorter. Bob for a bowl?

2 / The bangs thicken
Exit the “curtain” version, the bangs no longer taper. Caroline de Maigret offers the perfect bangs for her wavy hair, while Xenia Adonts chooses it to be inspired in 1960. Like the promise of a style that is always sharp.

3 / The low bun explodes
Hair flattened towards the bottom of the neck, parting in the middle, the bun finishes the look. Far from the requirement of the bun of recent years, the bun relaxes and let’s pass a few small stray strands.

4 / The ponytail asserts itself
It copies the bun, but not only. The ponytail rises gradually. It is worked low with hair either very straightened or a wavy for a styled head. Higher, it joins that of the 1990s, the fancy elastic as a bonus.

5 / The “half-tail” is essential
The decade 1990 is omnipresent. This is how the “half-tail” reappears as naturally, on condition of waving her mane with delicacy. Chiara Ferragni has understood this.

6 / The line remains in the middle
It will not move. The parting in the middle has become the hairstyle of our time, and it is not about to leave us. The hair, not degraded, straightens and hides behind the collar of the jacket. And like Alice Barbier, from the binomial, we make her signature.

7 / The braids come back
The mats, carried in pairs, starting from the top of the skull to the tip, also come back. For simplicity, we dare the low braids, knotted together to create this summer bun, bohemian. Or when summer comes early.

8 / The hair is released
The straightener is no longer a condition sine qua non. a new wind is blowing on this hair season. Healthier, more serene, the hair is styled in its simplest device. Or undulates, like Cara Delevingne and her mastered wavy square.

9 / Rather scarf or bandana?
The cycle repeats. This accessory from the 1990s resurfaces. His return came in force during this Paris fashion week. Colorful or monogrammed, no restriction on the choice of fabric. We also dare it around the head for a French Riviera retro look.

10 / The democratized barrette
Logotées, rhinestones, spangles … Barrettes and pins accumulate on a single lock of hair. At Dior, Leonie Hanne collects them above her low ponytail. Evangile Smyrniotak, alias seizes the invisible. The accessory for the little girl who has grown up.

Intimate textures

Jérôme Touron, Creative Director of Beauty Hermès, he says: “When I think of makeup, I think of the matter. It is she who gives her strength and subtlety, she always takes her elsewhere”. Matt or satin, each color of lipstick is available in two textures. The pigment concentrations and the various components adapt to the desired effects. A question of sensual compatibility with the skin. But also a daily ritual gesture: “When a woman puts on makeup, the relation to time instantly changes,” he adds. Like a pause, a breath, a moment of attention to oneself. “. We’ll tear ourselves away – these little pleasures easier to afford than a Kelly bag on the waiting list!

Strengthen the hydrolipidic film and boost cell renewal

To dispel any feelings of discomfort (redness, tightness, dartres …) and restore the complexion to its radiance, it is recommended to swap your usual cream for an ultra-hydrating shield treatment with a slightly richer and more enveloping texture. Good care will in particular strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin while giving a boost to cell renewal which functions at a slower pace this season. A cream concentrated in active ingredients (vitamins C, peptides, hyaluronic acid …) will also make it possible to target the needs of the skin (radiance, firmness, anti-wrinkle …). And to boost its benefits, we continue to associate it with a few drops of serum. Thus protected, the face is ready to face without any difficulty the one we used to call the “bad season”

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