It takes a lot of coordination to run a flooring business. The flooring market is expected to exceed USD 312.7 billion in 2020, according to reports. However, it’s predicted to grow by 6.3% between 2021 and 2027. Keeping track of your money and figuring out how to make future projects more cost-effective is crucial in the flooring business. There’s a lot of estimating occupied, which can be composite with a calculator. Thanks to estimating software solutions designed for contractors, you can create estimates and bids efficiently and accurately. We’ve reviewed and picked some of the best Flooring Estimating Services software. Check them out.

The best flooring estimation


Quickly make invoices and estimates with this invoice maker. Let’s say you’re in the flooring business or work for a construction company. Moreover, your proposals will be easier to prepare if you do that.

It’s easy to send fair and accurate estimates from this flooring estimating software, and you can gather customer testimonials so you can attract more customers. Also, you can offer your clients an thought of how a great deal the effort will cost. If you do commercial or residential work, InvoiceOwl is your go-to software. If this appeals to you, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Clear Estimates

If you’re looking for an estimating platform, Clear Estimates is perfect. Getting started is just $59/month, so it’s affordable for small businesses.


Flooring estimating software Procore makes estimating flooring projects easy and accurate. Moreover, this software makes it easy to connect everyone on a project.

Teamwork will be easier and more efficient this way. Procore gives your team all the info they want to do their jobs.

Flooring Estimating Software Advantages

Preliminary Estimating Services software can help your business. A project estimating tool makes it easier to get a quote.

Faster quotes and accurate estimates

The old way to calculate a quote was by hand or in Excel, which took days. Flooring Estimating Services software reduces human error caused by manual calculations by automating the estimating process. There are a set of different kinds of flooring, so the price can vary a lot. In order to avoid mispricing work in the future, you need estimating software that can accommodate the flooring industry’s characteristics and concerns.

Save money by reducing waste and materials

Due to the complexities of flooring materials, getting an estimate can be tough. It’s not easy to price tile upfront since it has to be sized and shaped.

Plan your seams and cut sheets before you install new flooring to save money and waste. Customers can see what they’re getting in 3D drawings and walkthroughs.

Takeoff costs can include:

  • Placement of windows and doors
  • Putting in the stairs, counters, and appliances
  • Subflooring and baseboards
  • Carpet pads, hardwood, etc.)
  • Floor patterns, tiles, linoleum, etc.

Improve customer service

Flooring installation can cause a set of interruption in house & businesses. It’s not that fun to walk on baseboards for an extended period of time. Because they want a job done fast, they expect fast estimates.

Customers expect free or cheap estimates when they buy flooring. In just a few clicks, flooring contractors and installers can create floor estimates with quality construction software. Cloud-based estimating software that works on smartphones and tablets lets customers get quotes instantly.

The advantages of in-home flooring estimate

You can come to our showroom on your schedule with in-home estimates. Furthermore, in-home flooring estimates give customers the convenience of comparing different flooring options in the comfort of their own homes. The company gives you in-home estimates so you don’t have to go to a brick-and-mortar showroom and risk getting sick.

In-home flooring estimates have four major benefits.

Healthier alternatives to store visits

Health experts everywhere say avoiding crowds and public spaces when there’s a bacterial or viral outbreak is best. It not means you want to hide your flooring installation plans. An in-home estimate is convenient and safe. Instead of going to showrooms, check them out online. There are plenty of reasons why you should get an in-home flooring estimate instead of going to a showroom.

You can avoid going into contaminated public spaces by having vetted flooring professionals come to your home. No need to go to a showroom with in-home estimates. As an added bonus, in-home flooring estimates save you time and frustration by saving you from spending a lot of time in showrooms looking at samples under poor lighting. Moreover, you can browse samples away from the crowds and in the right environment with in-home estimates.

Get more precise with your flooring

In-home flooring estimates are great because you can see how different kinds of flooring will look in your house before they’re installed. In many cases, homeowners pick flooring options from a showroom only to find that they don’t match their home’s lighting, decor, or style.

Take advantage of in-home estimates to compare flooring samples with your lighting, furniture, and color scheme. One service appointment will show you exactly how a certain type of floor will look in your home. Choosing the floor is no longer a guessing game. It lets you visualize your perfect flooring so you can make a good decision.

Shop in-home for convenience

You’ll get superior customer service and an array of flooring options when you opt for in-home professional flooring installation. You’re in control and it’s easy. We’ll deliver flooring samples to your door when it’s convenient for you. Whether you like traditional hardwoods or the latest vinyl flooring trends, Company has something for everyone.

Template for flooring estimates

Contractors can utilize these templates to create detailed flooring estimates. There are a lot of equipment you can estimate flooring for using these templates.

Proposal template for flooring

Suggestion agreement templates let you tell your consumer what the plan is about and how a great deal it will cost. You can use the report to explain the basics to your client, but it doesn’t give you the full picture. Contracts can also be made from templates.

A construction professional works on a quote template

You can specify labor and material requirements for work quotes with an estimate template. Even after the contract’s (or its extension’s) expiration, the union can motionless be officially compulsory.

Comparing hard and soft flooring jobs

This template separates soft and hard costs. Materials and labor are hard costs, but administrative fees, legal fees, insurance fees, and permit fees are soft costs. Non-typical costs like LEED certification fees can be clarified with soft costs vs. hard costs template.

Guide for flooring budgets and estimates

Using an estimation and budget guide, you can track your cost estimates. Using job costing, you can see how much each item costs and how much vendors owe subcontractors.

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What’s the deal with flooring takeoffs?

Flooring takeoffs list how many square feet of each type of floor finish is required for the job. So, you’ll find square tiles, carpet squares, wood flooring squares, cove base squares, transition strips, etc., on the flooring takeoffs.

How easy is it to use construction estimate software?

Handle your financial plan more successfully with digital cost-estimating software. Moreover, some apps have calculators that can calculate each material automatically, saving you time.

Does flooring takeoff software differ from estimate software?

Despite being closely related, estimating and taking off are two different things. Digital blueprints or spectacles obtain curved into price estimation with a takeoff program. Likewise, flooring contractors can use estimating software to calculate quantities without having to think about blueprints.


Maybe the article above gave you a better sense of what flooring software can do and what estimating software to choose. It’s important to pick Flooring Estimating Services software that fits within your flooring business’ budget, but also is flexible, easy to use, and has a short learning curve. All these factors must be taken into description when selecting a flooring estimation solution.

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