Have you ever realized what keeps you from falling prey to cough and sneezing when you expose to dust? A parade of vehicles moves past you scattering dust around in the air that you inhale and yet you do not fall sick. You do not feel irritation at your throat, you do not feel like squeezing your nose to get rid of itching, and your eyes do not get watery. Here comes the role of immunity.

The immune system is a kind of shield you need to protect yourself from the attack of viruses, bacteria, allergens and other similar threats. Unfortunately, sometimes it fails to perform at its full potential and leave you exposed to various diseases. Immunity plays a crucial role to keep you healthy and fit. However, not everyone is blessed with stronger immunity.

If you have low immunity, you are highly likely to be exposed to infections. Food plays a paramount role to boost your immunity, but some people are prone to various infections despite taking a healthy diet. Why does it happen? Genes! Genes are highly responsible for the decision if you will have stronger immunity or lower immunity. Items that will be on your menu will be based on your taste and preferences, but experts suggest that you should add food items in your menu after looking over your family tree.

Genes determine your eyes color, hair texture, body shape, and height; the same way they can also decide which food items are best for you.

The connection of genes with diet

The sign of stronger immunity is good gut health. When your gut is healthy, you feel fit and healthy. Since small intestines absorb nutrients from the food you eat, they must have enough microbes to function effectively. Your gut consists of a mix of both good bacteria and harmful bacteria.

There must be a balance between both of them. According to experts, you should have good bacteria more than bad bacteria to make your gut function properly. As long as it can absorb all nutrients from what you eat, you will have good immunity. However, health issues are likely to rise immediately if you are taking an unhealthy diet or taking a lot of stress.

It depends on your genes, whether a particular food item will agree with your stomach or not. Some researchers have found that cultures have eaten specific diets for generations and therefore their guts are adapted to that particular diet, which is why Asians tend to eat plant-based food while Africans tend to eat more meat.

You must have seen that some people have lactose intolerance. While one can easily digest oily food, the other from the same family cannot. There is only one answer to all these scenarios – genes. However, not every time, genes are responsible for something. Sometimes, your body tends to behave like it. Now you must have understood that there is no one-diet-fits-all in that you all belong to people from different cultures and ethnicities.

Find food that is best for your gut.

If you want to improve immunity, you need to eat food that agrees with your gut. Finding the best food for your gut is not that easy because you all are from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Some experts suggest that you should try out testing kits like 23andMe (to get a report about microbes) and Viome (to identify which food will keep your gut thriving and which will make you sick).

However, both testing kits will set you back some money. There is nothing to worry about if you can afford them. Otherwise, you can take out B.I.G loans. Your role is not over just because you have identified which food will agree with microorganisms in your gut. You need to remember if you suffer from a side effect after incorporating a new diet.

If it makes you feel bloated and sapped, you should stop continuing because it does not agree with your stomach. If you do not find any side effects, it does not mean you have to be restricted with this diet. You can try other food items too. A good rule of thumb says that you should prefer a healthy diet.

Eat everything from greens to meat and then identify how you feel after consuming a particular type of food. Best food items for boosting immunity are olive oil, nuts, and cold fish like salmon. However, it is not just that food has the only role in improving your immunity. It would help if you also improve your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle can change your genes.

Having said that it is not only your genes that determine your health condition, it also depends on your body how it feels like after eating or drinking something. You cannot be entirely at the mercy of genes because your lifestyle choice can also affect your health.

While family history is a strong predictor of diseases that you can catch at a later stage in life, your healthy lifestyle choices can put that risk-off. For instance, fruits and vegetables can lower down the risk of diabetes because they do not consist of processed sugar and slow down digestion because of fiber. Further, it would help if you avoided smoking and alcohol to keep your liver and respiratory system healthy.

Well, as far as it is about boosting your immunity, you need to take care of your diet. You cannot change your genes, but you can change your lifestyle.



Over a decade, there is a drastic increase in the medical aesthetic procedures taking place; in fact, Larson medical aesthetics Burien has become the mainstream for even celebrities to share their experiences with their followers. It has become a tradition in the world of today to try medical aesthetics, whether surgical or non-surgical or through technology because society requires a results-driven and fast-paced procedure, and the requirements are completed by the Medical aesthetics procedures.

Medical Aesthetics and its Levels:

Medical aesthetics consists of injectables such as dermal filler, Kybella, and Botox, also the technology which is further divided into laser and non-laser.

Laser Treatments

When we talk about Laser Technology in the world of medical aesthetics, there is an enormous variety of laser treatments available. Some of the most common and frequently used lasers are fractional ablative, fractional non-ablative, fully ablative like erbium or CO2 lasers, for both hair-removal or skin rejuvenation, like 755 and 1064 wavelengths. When the laser treatments with infrared wavelengths vary, they rejuvenate skin by the cooling down of epidermis and allow the heat-reduced injury and the laser energy to the dermis.

Depending on the client’s desire and skin type, the correct laser is suggested. To treat red and brown spots, non-ablative lasers are used, but the same laser will not treat wrinkles and deep sunburns and damages for which a much aggressive laser is required. Initially, the most aggressive laser is not used as the general rule is: the more the aggressiveness, the outcome would be the better, but it will increase the downtime.

Non-Laser Treatments

A non-laser Larson medical aesthetics Burien is a much less aggressive and a very popular treatment as it has zero downtime, but it definitely requires many treatments. High frequency and radio technology is an example of a non-laser treatment that treats several skin concerns such as surface irregularities, extraction of impurities, blemishes, exfoliation, skin tags, cleansing of clogged pores and also hydrates in a single treatment.


Dermal fillers are manufactured by a substance that is naturally found in the human body, i.e., hyaluronic acid. This acid is injected in the areas where any kind of contouring or volume is desired. Over time, the professionals have thoroughly worked on the malleability and the thickness of the fillers in order to establish a long-lasting; however, the natural-looking effect for the clients. Not many areas on the face require thick fillers.

Kybella is one of the most admired and the latest injectable as the solution for submental fat (chin), whether severe or moderate. Until recently, liposuction was the only successful treatment for a double chin, or in many cases, skin tightening surgical treatments were followed. A non-animal expression of deoxycholic acid– Kybella is a naturally occurring fragment in the human body that helps in absorption and breaking down dietary fat. Nonetheless, Kybella causes the demolition of fat cells when it is injected in the subcutaneous fat. Once this fat is destroyed, the cells can no longer accumulate fat. Kybella helps to minimize the invasion of fat, to dissolve it, to tone it, firming the areas, and shapes the jawline.

The Larson medical aesthetics Burien Botox is a great injectable when the client needs the frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet treated. The injection helps by temporarily obstructing the nerves when it keeps the muscles from contracting, which results in relaxed wrinkles. Botox is also widely used to reduce (hyperhidrosis) excessive sweating, correction of the droopy nose, lifting the upper lip, lifting the eyebrows, and reducing the projection of neck cords. Professionals and scientists keep searching for new medical and cosmetic uses of Botox.

The field of Medical Aesthetics:

One of the most up-coming careers in the field of Medical aesthetics. As these treatments do not require any prolonged recovery and great cosmetic treatments discussed above, many people are approaching to learn the procedures of medical aesthetics, and many training centers also deliver quality practices. The training is a two-week program where you will excel in the skills and refine your confidence to start your career!

All hairdressers should know how to take care of hair extension for a man, not just the ladies. How do you know if your man really wants a hair extension? Does he seem like he’s on board with the idea or is he only a lukewarm supporter?

You can see the change in his attitude and actions by feeling his body. Most men will show their appreciation for women who make them feel comfortable and attractive by taking good care of their hair. The way he presents himself is a reflection of the person he is, whether he wants to be that way or not. No matter what the reason is, it’s vital to take care of a hair extension for a man if you want him to be happy about it.

The best way to tell if you should keep him happy with extensions is by gauging how his face changes after he wears them. If he seems irritated or annoyed, then you should probably stop. Hair that doesn’t look healthy is bound to be damaging to a man’s health.

Importance of Hair Extensions

How much is he like an overgrown kid who wants to be allowed to call the shots? Is he always telling you what to do and what to wear and how you should look? When it comes to making your man happy, do you have the upper hand? Are you sure you’ve worked out the kinks?

If he’s happy with what he has, you should be happy with what you have. It’s time to turn your focus on how to take care of hair extension for a man. If you are going to use scissors to cut the extensions into a style that you think will be attractive, then make sure he doesn’t complain when you pull his hair out and do it yourself. That will get him to stop complaining about it.

Let him know that you are the one who has the decision on whether or not to go ahead with Beauty Works Invisi®-clip-in Hair Extensions and that you’ll be his choice to pick from. It’s your right to make this choice, and if he wants to wear extensions, then he’ll want to wear them. Once he has decided he wants them, you can go ahead and do it.

Another way to get him to feel comfortable with the extension is to buy him a haircut that shows how much you respect him. Don’t buy him a haircut that features lots of highlights and sculpting. While it may make him look more attractive, it also will make him look like a tool.

How to Do Hair Styling with Hair Extensions?

So, when you buy him a haircut that features his hair look good and not like a toy, he will respond accordingly. His hair will become just as beautiful and natural, it will look good. The first thing you should do when taking care of hair extension for a man is to find out what his favorite style is.

If it’s long curly hair, then you might want to purchase an extension to give him some much-needed length. A straight cut is fine, but he needs more length to look like the handsome guy that he is. The cut and style should highlight his features without being too long.

If he’s looking to save some money on a cut and style, then you might want to consider a short black hair cut. That will give him a nice short cut that shows off his best features. This way he will still have length but won’t look like he’s had a lot of time spent trimming.

Men who are not into hair extensions often want to be treated as equals. Don’t let them down. If you want to give him the pleasure of seeing how you care for hair extension for a man, then you should treat him the same way.

All in all, be proud of the hair extension that you’ve given to your man. Let him know how much you appreciate him for wearing it.

What is Hair Extension?

All of us would love to have thick hair if it were possible, but that is not the case and all of us are always in search of what is hair extension. We just can’t seem to figure out what makes them different from ordinary hair, or how do they make it different? There are so many different types of people out there with different physical conditions, what is a hair extension? Is it only for people who are slightly overweight or perhaps a bit wimpy and they want to add volume to their thinning hair?

The answer is that not all of us will be blessed with six-pack abs and we will be lucky enough to be able to have thick hair, even though some of us will continue to look better with thicker hair than others.

Of course, we cannot all afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month on Luscious Tape-in Human Hair Extension 18″ and although it is true that they will cover up the fact that we cannot have six-pack abs, they still can be used as part of a complete change. Many women are using hair extensions to change their shape to make them look better than ever, in some cases, they are having them applied in order to make them look rounder.

What is a hair extension? This is how it starts; it is when a person is simply looking for something to change the way they look and then decides to get an extension to try to achieve the same result.

In fact, many people who use this method actually have very thin hair that will not even be noticeable, this is not how you get a better look. The difference between ordinary hair and extensions is not really that great, they are generally the same cost, but they are made from different materials. In order to determine which hair type, you are going to get, it is always best to go to a professional and get a professional opinion.


With innumerable options available for bridal jewellery including Polki, Kundan, pearls, and so on, it becomes difficult to settle for the right one. This leads to poor financial decisions, which eventually affect the individual’s savings. Therefore, before you begin to splurge, follow these tips to buy bridal jewellery –

Decide on your budget

Stay true to your budget before you proceed to buy your desired jewellery. This will cut down unnecessary expenses and allow you to spend accordingly on your wedding outfit as well.

Avoid purchasing online

Online shopping may provide ease of availing products without any need to step beyond your doorsteps, but there are high chances of not receiving the right product. Judging by the photographs and low price online, you may be tempted to buy bridal jewellery online, but remember that photos shown online will differ in reality. Also, you won’t be able to assess the purity and weight of your gold jewellery online. However, if you decide on buying your ornaments online, do so from a reputed jewellery brand’s website.

Buy from authentic jewellers

Opt for a renowned jewellery brand when you buy gold or diamond pieces. The reasons are listed below –

Reliable – They are certified, which indicates you will receive authentic products. The gold and diamond pieces are graded, and you can note its characteristics on the certificate. Moreover, they have a reputation to uphold, so they won’t compromise on the quality. So, even if the bridal jewellery prices for such brands are high, opting for them would be a good investment.

  • Knowledge – Before investing in your wedding jewellery, you would probably want to know about your product in detail. A renowned jeweller would even provide you with multiple options that best suit your needs.
  • Extended warranty period – In case you are unsatisfied with your purchase, recognised brands of jewellers might easily provide you with a full warranty. However, you may not obtain the same benefits from unauthorised jewellers.
  • Recraft heritage pieces

Put to re-use antique jewellery owned by your mother or grandmother. Redesign your mother’s old pendant with a new chain or get your grandmother’s necklace polished. You can even have their rings resized at a low cost. It is also one of the tips to save money while planning a wedding.

Determine the motive behind your purchase

In case you are buying jewellery as an investment, opt for pure gold as it appreciates in value. You can stay in budget if you opt for floral and chunky silver pieces during day events. Even if it’s a luxuriant splurge, keep in mind to buy your solitaire and emeralds from reputed jewellers.

Opt for versatile jewellery instead of statement pieces

To avoid financial crunches, it is reasonable to buy one statement set along with versatile pieces like chandelier earrings, kadas bangles and maang tikka.

Select lower karat options

One of the ideal tips to buy bridal jewellery is to opt for low carat gold or diamond jewellery. These are both feasible and easy to carry for brides adorning multiple ornaments. You can sport them every day, unlike heavy higher karat jewellery, which is simply put into a locker after the wedding ends.

Customise your jewellery

Brides may want to adorn a bespoke jewellery piece that is one of a kind. This process may turn out to be more expensive than buying readymade pieces. However, brides can manage their budget conveniently as they are involved in every step of the process. These tips to buy bridal jewellery on a budget will thereby help in mapping out the budget for the wedding to an extent and organise shopping respectively. Have a wedding planning checklist to ease the chaos.

However, in case you are faced with financial constraints when buying your bridal jewellery, opt for a secured financing option like loan against property. Financial lenders like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited help you avail such loans up to Rs.3.5 crore at a tenor ranging from 2 to 20 years.

Additionally, the company provides pre-approved offers that make the process of loan application hassle-free and saves time. Pre-approved offers are available on business loans, home loans, personal loans, and more. You can check your pre-approved offers by sharing essential details like name and phone number online. You only need to consider certain factors while opting for this loan for a wedding. For example, check the charges and rate of interest.

A major water-soluble vitamin is vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin. It performs a major role in the red blood cells as well as DNA development. The B12 deficiency, especially in elderly people, is unfortunately common. If you’re not getting sufficient from the diet or can’t absorb enough of the food you eat you are at risk of deficiency. You can also consume hair skin and nails vitaminsto improve your health.

There are some signs and signs of an actual deficiency of vitamin B12.

The body appears yellow or pale

Individuals with B12 deficiency often look unhealthy or have a slight yellowish tint, on their skin and eye whites. This happens if a deficiency of B12 creates trouble with the production of red blood cells in the body.

The production of red blood cells requires the best b12 vitamin to be an essential part of the DNA. Otherwise, the cell building specifications are incomplete and cells cannot be divided. This causes anemia, which is largely fragile and has red blood cells developed in the bone marrow. Such red blood cells are too large to enter into and out of your bone marrow. Consequently, your skin can show up pale in color, so you may not have as many red blood cells around your body. This fragility also implies that many cells are breaking down, causing an excess of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a marginally red or brown substance that comes from the liver when old blood cells break down. Given the yellow color of the skin and eyes are significant quantities of bilirubins.

Fatigue and lack of strength

Vitamin B12 deficiency is usually linked with exhaustion or fatigue. They happen due to the shortage of vitamin B12 in your body to produce red blood cells that hold oxygen in the body. In this way, you cannot deliver oxygen successfully to your cells and feel sluggish and exhausted. An inflammatory disease known as pernicious anemia is sometimes triggered by this form of anemia in the elderly. People with anemia are not making enough of an essential protein known as the intrinsic element. An inherent factor is essential to prevent B12, as vitamin B12 binds in your intestines so that you can absorb the deficiency.

Pins and Needles Sensations

A long-term B12 deficiency has one of the most severe side effects, including nerve damage. This will occur over time, as the metabolic process of the fatty material is greatly affected by the vitamin B12. Myelin is a form of protection and isolation surrounding your nerves.

Myelin is produced differently without B12, and you cannot function correctly in the nervous system. Paresthesia or sensory perception of pins and needles that are similar to a pinching sensation in your hands and feet is a frequent sign of this event.

Mobility switches

If left unchecked, the B12 deficiency harms the nervous system and could change how you move. It can even influence your core stability and make you more likely to fall. The B12 deficiency in the elderly is often not diagnosed, as adults over the age of 60 are more likely to experience a B12 deficiency. However, it may improve mobility to prevent or treat shortcomings in that group.

Mouth Ulcers and Glossitis

Glossitis is a description of an inflamed language. York changes color and form when you have glossitis, attempting to make your language painful, red, and swollen. Inflammation will also render your tongue look flat, as you reach out and erase all the little bumps that hold your taste buds. Glossitis may also affect the way you feed and speak in addition to being uncomfortable.

In addition, certain individuals who are deficient in B12 can have certain oral effects, such as mouth ulcers, tongue pin sensations, or a sense of mouth burnings and scratching.

Perplexed Vision

One sign is blurry or impaired perception with vitamin-B12 deficiency. That can happen if an untreated B12 deficiency leads to affect the optic nerve. The harm will disrupt your vision ‘s nervous signal from the eye to your brain. This disorder is referred to as optic neuropathy.

Changes in mood

Individuals with B12 deficiency also experience mood shifts. Actually, low B12 levels are associated with mood and brain disorders such as depression and dementia. In several studies, vitamin supplementation can reverse symptoms in certain individuals who are deficient in B12. Alterations to the mood as well as conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and depression may have several causes.

High temperature

An elevated temperature is a very unusual yet possible sign of a deficiency of B12. It is not completely obvious why this is happening, but some physicians have documented incidents of fever that normalize following the vitamin B12 treatment. However, the higher temperatures are more generally caused by illness rather than a deficiency in B12 is important to note.


The deficiency of vitamin B12 is common and it can be identified in a number of ways. Consult a doctor if you are vulnerable and have any one of these symptoms. Most people should probably be able to avoid a B12 deficiency by guaranteeing that they get enough B12.

From the SAMU to the intensive care unit, the CHU teams are prepared for the acceleration of the Covid-19 epidemic. But doctors and department heads remain vigilant about the ability of the health system to deal with staff exhaustion.

Doctor Eric Lecarpentier, head of the SAMU service at the Henri-Mondor hospital in Créteil (Val-de-Marne), takes a guilty look at his messy desk. He jokingly justifies himself: “In times of crisis, it is essential to prioritize. “ Then continues, more seriously: ” But above all you have to adapt. “

Since mid-January, its teams have been on the bridge to deal with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic, which occurred at the end of 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China. “It’s been a fortnight, three weeks, that we organize a ramp-up of the device,” he explains, Thursday, March 12. If its staff are experienced in crisis management – they were prepared for the H1N1 flu in 2009-2010 or for Ebola in 2014-2015 -, the Covid-19 however delivers them to an unprecedented health situation on the national territory “by its duration and extent ” .


So it is indeed “putting your body in contact with the earth”, explains Loïc Ternisien , naturopath and energy specialist, also author of “Naturopathy, the guide season by season”. By “earth”, we are talking about soil. It does not matter whether it is walking on earth, sand or even water, provided that the trampled ground is made of energy-conducting materials. If your only option is to walk barefoot on concrete, this also works, since it is notably designed from a mixture of water and sand. The soles of our feet covering more than 200 nerve endings, “skin contact with the ground, whatever the conductive surface, allows

What if we simply trusted the Earth to reclaim our body and heal all the imbalances in the body? This is the principle of earthing.

The “earthing” movement is gaining more and more followers. The principle – also called “grounding” – consists of walking barefoot on the Earth. Goal ? Reconnect with nature and refocus on yourself … to rebalance your body. “Just as the sun gives us heat and vitamin D, the Earth under our feet gives us natural and gentle energy,” says the specialized site earthing . However, this energy which would emanate from the Earth would have a curative effect due to its antioxidant and, above all, anti-inflammatory properties.

I like to meditate every day, it’s a way of “feeling” my mind. And, depending on where I am, on the beach or in town, I surf, ride a horse, walk, or go to the gym. Nature makes me happy. It is important to know what you like to come back to it regularly. Exercise has more to do with the mind than the physical, even if I enjoy taking care of myself and my skin, in particular, with the new Capture Totale serum, my favorite product in the range.

Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you what you are … A maxim that applies to Bernie Sanders and his competitors, whose first campaign expenses are known.

One can be the hero of “democratic socialism” and eat up to 20% among the world behemoths of tomato sauce on dough, Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. This is what we learn about Bernie Sanders and the food budget of his campaign via Eater.com , which peeled the first month of spending of the presidential candidates.

The former mayor of New York and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has settled his biggest note – nearly 2,200 dollars – in a French brasserie in Sacramento where we serve “Burgundy snails” and “Toulouse sausage with lentils “. As for the group’s other wealthy man, Tom Steyer (six times a McDonald’s customer), he spent $ 224,650, far ahead of the competition, to delight not only his donors but all of his fans.

In winter, the skin has specific needs. More sensitive and often dehydrated, it may lack radiance. Here are some tips and our selection of “puffer creams” for the face, effective in protecting and regenerating the epidermis in depth.

From December to March, our face, the most exposed part of our anatomy, is put to the test. Wind, cold and temperature variations when entering or leaving offices or heated homes are all factors that can attack and dry it out. Result: the skin reacts, blushes, becomes dehydrated and loses its appearance. It is therefore essential to offer him appropriate care without suffocating him and to consolidate his natural protective barrier.

“It is my personality that Dior came to seek in order to get a message across”

How is this contract with Dior Beauté in line with your positions?

I refuse 95% of the proposals I receive because I need to do things that I believe in. My relationship with Dior dates from twenty years ago, the house knows me and knows who I am. This is not a projection of myself through an image, it is my personality that Dior came to seek in order to get a message across. To save the planet, we need the commitment of the big international houses which ask a concrete question: what actions to carry out and how? The Earth is in poor health and so are we because we depend on it. Dior takes into account what is important to us, and I want to help. It is an exchange of good practices.

What do you say to worried people?

If you sit around and think about everything that is wrong, you are paralyzed and depressed, and you become the problem. As an optimistic person, I prefer to see it this way: “What can I do to change it?” No longer use plastic bottles and have a filter at home, reduce food waste by buying as much as possible of his consumption … Nobody will descend from the sky to save us, it is up to us to act .

What values ​​would you like to pass on to your children?

It is for them that I wrote my book My way in search of meaning [Marabout, 2019]. Everything is there: the discipline, the difficulties that become opportunities, the power of speech, attention, nature, self-knowledge … I would add the importance of doing your best, treat others with respect. We need more love and compassion. My mother, who raised six children while working hard, talked about discipline and responsibility. She said to us, “Don’t give up before you try. So you will know if you need help.” My father was the sociologist and the philosopher of the family, curious to understand our impact on the world. Hence my commitment to ecology and my questioning around happiness. What does

Paris Fall / Winter 2020-21 Fashion Week will end on March 3. As of now, international influencers are sporting hairstyles that set the pace for summer. This season, let your imagination run wild …

1 / The short square in the streets
Soberly entitled “bob”, the short square is very present. If we predicted it as a simple trend a few seasons ago, this hairstyle has now taken to the streets, from Kaia Gerber to Linda Tol, and increasingly shorter. Bob for a bowl?

2 / The bangs thicken
Exit the “curtain” version, the bangs no longer taper. Caroline de Maigret offers the perfect bangs for her wavy hair, while Xenia Adonts chooses it to be inspired in 1960. Like the promise of a style that is always sharp.

3 / The low bun explodes
Hair flattened towards the bottom of the neck, parting in the middle, the bun finishes the look. Far from the requirement of the bun of recent years, the bun relaxes and let’s pass a few small stray strands.

4 / The ponytail asserts itself
It copies the bun, but not only. The ponytail rises gradually. It is worked low with hair either very straightened or a wavy for a styled head. Higher, it joins that of the 1990s, the fancy elastic as a bonus.

5 / The “half-tail” is essential
The decade 1990 is omnipresent. This is how the “half-tail” reappears as naturally, on condition of waving her mane with delicacy. Chiara Ferragni has understood this.

6 / The line remains in the middle
It will not move. The parting in the middle has become the hairstyle of our time, and it is not about to leave us. The hair, not degraded, straightens and hides behind the collar of the jacket. And like Alice Barbier, from the binomial, we make her signature.

7 / The braids come back
The mats, carried in pairs, starting from the top of the skull to the tip, also come back. For simplicity, we dare the low braids, knotted together to create this summer bun, bohemian. Or when summer comes early.

8 / The hair is released
The straightener is no longer a condition sine qua non. a new wind is blowing on this hair season. Healthier, more serene, the hair is styled in its simplest device. Or undulates, like Cara Delevingne and her mastered wavy square.

9 / Rather scarf or bandana?
The cycle repeats. This accessory from the 1990s resurfaces. His return came in force during this Paris fashion week. Colorful or monogrammed, no restriction on the choice of fabric. We also dare it around the head for a French Riviera retro look.

10 / The democratized barrette
Logotées, rhinestones, spangles … Barrettes and pins accumulate on a single lock of hair. At Dior, Leonie Hanne collects them above her low ponytail. Evangile Smyrniotak, alias seizes the invisible. The accessory for the little girl who has grown up.

Intimate textures

Jérôme Touron, Creative Director of Beauty Hermès, he says: “When I think of makeup, I think of the matter. It is she who gives her strength and subtlety, she always takes her elsewhere”. Matt or satin, each color of lipstick is available in two textures. The pigment concentrations and the various components adapt to the desired effects. A question of sensual compatibility with the skin. But also a daily ritual gesture: “When a woman puts on makeup, the relation to time instantly changes,” he adds. Like a pause, a breath, a moment of attention to oneself. “. We’ll tear ourselves away – these little pleasures easier to afford than a Kelly bag on the waiting list!

Strengthen the hydrolipidic film and boost cell renewal

To dispel any feelings of discomfort (redness, tightness, dartres …) and restore the complexion to its radiance, it is recommended to swap your usual cream for an ultra-hydrating shield treatment with a slightly richer and more enveloping texture. Good care will in particular strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin while giving a boost to cell renewal which functions at a slower pace this season. A cream concentrated in active ingredients (vitamins C, peptides, hyaluronic acid …) will also make it possible to target the needs of the skin (radiance, firmness, anti-wrinkle …). And to boost its benefits, we continue to associate it with a few drops of serum. Thus protected, the face is ready to face without any difficulty the one we used to call the “bad season”