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So it is indeed “putting your body in contact with the earth”, explains Loïc Ternisien , naturopath and energy specialist, also author of “Naturopathy, the guide season by season”. By “earth”, we are talking about soil. It does not matter whether it is walking on earth, sand or even water, provided that the trampled ground is made of energy-conducting materials. If your only option is to walk barefoot on concrete, this also works, since it is notably designed from a mixture of water and sand. The soles of our feet covering more than 200 nerve endings, “skin contact with the ground, whatever the conductive surface, allows

What if we simply trusted the Earth to reclaim our body and heal all the imbalances in the body? This is the principle of earthing.

The “earthing” movement is gaining more and more followers. The principle – also called “grounding” – consists of walking barefoot on the Earth. Goal ? Reconnect with nature and refocus on yourself … to rebalance your body. “Just as the sun gives us heat and vitamin D, the Earth under our feet gives us natural and gentle energy,” says the specialized site earthing . However, this energy which would emanate from the Earth would have a curative effect due to its antioxidant and, above all, anti-inflammatory properties.

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