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In winter, the skin has specific needs. More sensitive and often dehydrated, it may lack radiance. Here are some tips and our selection of “puffer creams” for the face, effective in protecting and regenerating the epidermis in depth.

From December to March, our face, the most exposed part of our anatomy, is put to the test. Wind, cold and temperature variations when entering or leaving offices or heated homes are all factors that can attack and dry it out. Result: the skin reacts, blushes, becomes dehydrated and loses its appearance. It is therefore essential to offer him appropriate care without suffocating him and to consolidate his natural protective barrier.

“It is my personality that Dior came to seek in order to get a message across”

How is this contract with Dior Beauté in line with your positions?

I refuse 95% of the proposals I receive because I need to do things that I believe in. My relationship with Dior dates from twenty years ago, the house knows me and knows who I am. This is not a projection of myself through an image, it is my personality that Dior came to seek in order to get a message across. To save the planet, we need the commitment of the big international houses which ask a concrete question: what actions to carry out and how? The Earth is in poor health and so are we because we depend on it. Dior takes into account what is important to us, and I want to help. It is an exchange of good practices.

What do you say to worried people?

If you sit around and think about everything that is wrong, you are paralyzed and depressed, and you become the problem. As an optimistic person, I prefer to see it this way: “What can I do to change it?” No longer use plastic bottles and have a filter at home, reduce food waste by buying as much as possible of his consumption … Nobody will descend from the sky to save us, it is up to us to act .

What values ​​would you like to pass on to your children?

It is for them that I wrote my book My way in search of meaning [Marabout, 2019]. Everything is there: the discipline, the difficulties that become opportunities, the power of speech, attention, nature, self-knowledge … I would add the importance of doing your best, treat others with respect. We need more love and compassion. My mother, who raised six children while working hard, talked about discipline and responsibility. She said to us, “Don’t give up before you try. So you will know if you need help.” My father was the sociologist and the philosopher of the family, curious to understand our impact on the world. Hence my commitment to ecology and my questioning around happiness. What does

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