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Over a decade, there is a drastic increase in the medical aesthetic procedures taking place; in fact, Larson medical aesthetics Burien has become the mainstream for even celebrities to share their experiences with their followers. It has become a tradition in the world of today to try medical aesthetics, whether surgical or non-surgical or through technology because society requires a results-driven and fast-paced procedure, and the requirements are completed by the Medical aesthetics procedures.

Medical Aesthetics and its Levels:

Medical aesthetics consists of injectables such as dermal filler, Kybella, and Botox, also the technology which is further divided into laser and non-laser.

Laser Treatments

When we talk about Laser Technology in the world of medical aesthetics, there is an enormous variety of laser treatments available. Some of the most common and frequently used lasers are fractional ablative, fractional non-ablative, fully ablative like erbium or CO2 lasers, for both hair-removal or skin rejuvenation, like 755 and 1064 wavelengths. When the laser treatments with infrared wavelengths vary, they rejuvenate skin by the cooling down of epidermis and allow the heat-reduced injury and the laser energy to the dermis.

Depending on the client’s desire and skin type, the correct laser is suggested. To treat red and brown spots, non-ablative lasers are used, but the same laser will not treat wrinkles and deep sunburns and damages for which a much aggressive laser is required. Initially, the most aggressive laser is not used as the general rule is: the more the aggressiveness, the outcome would be the better, but it will increase the downtime.

Non-Laser Treatments

A non-laser Larson medical aesthetics Burien is a much less aggressive and a very popular treatment as it has zero downtime, but it definitely requires many treatments. High frequency and radio technology is an example of a non-laser treatment that treats several skin concerns such as surface irregularities, extraction of impurities, blemishes, exfoliation, skin tags, cleansing of clogged pores and also hydrates in a single treatment.


Dermal fillers are manufactured by a substance that is naturally found in the human body, i.e., hyaluronic acid. This acid is injected in the areas where any kind of contouring or volume is desired. Over time, the professionals have thoroughly worked on the malleability and the thickness of the fillers in order to establish a long-lasting; however, the natural-looking effect for the clients. Not many areas on the face require thick fillers.

Kybella is one of the most admired and the latest injectable as the solution for submental fat (chin), whether severe or moderate. Until recently, liposuction was the only successful treatment for a double chin, or in many cases, skin tightening surgical treatments were followed. A non-animal expression of deoxycholic acid– Kybella is a naturally occurring fragment in the human body that helps in absorption and breaking down dietary fat. Nonetheless, Kybella causes the demolition of fat cells when it is injected in the subcutaneous fat. Once this fat is destroyed, the cells can no longer accumulate fat. Kybella helps to minimize the invasion of fat, to dissolve it, to tone it, firming the areas, and shapes the jawline.

The Larson medical aesthetics Burien Botox is a great injectable when the client needs the frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet treated. The injection helps by temporarily obstructing the nerves when it keeps the muscles from contracting, which results in relaxed wrinkles. Botox is also widely used to reduce (hyperhidrosis) excessive sweating, correction of the droopy nose, lifting the upper lip, lifting the eyebrows, and reducing the projection of neck cords. Professionals and scientists keep searching for new medical and cosmetic uses of Botox.

The field of Medical Aesthetics:

One of the most up-coming careers in the field of Medical aesthetics. As these treatments do not require any prolonged recovery and great cosmetic treatments discussed above, many people are approaching to learn the procedures of medical aesthetics, and many training centers also deliver quality practices. The training is a two-week program where you will excel in the skills and refine your confidence to start your career!

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