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Are you thinking of getting an air cooler? There is nothing worse than sweating and feeling painful on a hot summer’s day.

The home can fast become sticky and painful to be in, even with the windows wide open.

A personal Air cooler is just what you need in these states, and they really can help to keep state, and

What Are Personal Air Coolers?

Personal Air Coolers are designed for you and you alone, and you should easily be able to find an affordable one to suit your needs.

These types of coolers are only designed for one person, and they have an internal fan which sends air across a frozen water bottle.

It is small due to the fact that it is only for one person, though it can reach up to 7 square feet, and it can also lower the temperature by up to 12 degrees Celsius.

You can even take a personal Air cooler to work as it has quite a low noise level, and it will not disturb your colleagues.

Another great thing about personal air coolers is that they operate using batteries.

They also last for five hours after every water refill that you give them. So that is plenty of time to keep you cool.

You can also power your personal evaporated cooler through your car charger, so you can keep cool on the way to and from work as well as whilst you go out shopping or take the family somewhere.

Whilst most personal air coolers are smaller, it is possible to get slightly larger ones which will cool the whole room.

These types of coolers are usually referred to as portable coolers, and they have the ability to lower the temperature by 15 degrees Celsius.

If you want to compare the personal air coolers to ordinary ones, you will notice that they require no installation at all “and” they also have a low energy capacity too.

They contain a two-speed fan which pulls hot air into the cooler and of course they are practically silent, so they keep the room quiet causing virtually no disturbance at all.

All that you have to do is purchase a personal Air cooler, and it is ready to use straight away.

They are remote controlled which means that you can choose either a high or a low speed, and you can even set a timer telling the cooler to switch off at a certain time.

If you would like added features then you may be interested in personal air coolers which contain carbon filters and germ-free water curtains which make sure that you are getting the cleanest air possible.

There are many coolers which come with an anti-bacterial water tank which gives you added hygiene. You should also notice that there are castors on the bottom of the coolers which makes it easier to carry them from room to room.

Overall personal air coolers are ideal for people who could do with cooling down at work and the great news is that they are extremely cheap to purchase.

Andrew Caxton is the editor and journalist of many information websites and has written more articles and newsletters on air coolers.

Find more publications about personal air coolers at his official website.

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