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With innumerable options available for bridal jewellery including Polki, Kundan, pearls, and so on, it becomes difficult to settle for the right one. This leads to poor financial decisions, which eventually affect the individual’s savings. Therefore, before you begin to splurge, follow these tips to buy bridal jewellery –

Decide on your budget

Stay true to your budget before you proceed to buy your desired jewellery. This will cut down unnecessary expenses and allow you to spend accordingly on your wedding outfit as well.

Avoid purchasing online

Online shopping may provide ease of availing products without any need to step beyond your doorsteps, but there are high chances of not receiving the right product. Judging by the photographs and low price online, you may be tempted to buy bridal jewellery online, but remember that photos shown online will differ in reality. Also, you won’t be able to assess the purity and weight of your gold jewellery online. However, if you decide on buying your ornaments online, do so from a reputed jewellery brand’s website.

Buy from authentic jewellers

Opt for a renowned jewellery brand when you buy gold or diamond pieces. The reasons are listed below –

Reliable – They are certified, which indicates you will receive authentic products. The gold and diamond pieces are graded, and you can note its characteristics on the certificate. Moreover, they have a reputation to uphold, so they won’t compromise on the quality. So, even if the bridal jewellery prices for such brands are high, opting for them would be a good investment.

  • Knowledge – Before investing in your wedding jewellery, you would probably want to know about your product in detail. A renowned jeweller would even provide you with multiple options that best suit your needs.
  • Extended warranty period – In case you are unsatisfied with your purchase, recognised brands of jewellers might easily provide you with a full warranty. However, you may not obtain the same benefits from unauthorised jewellers.
  • Recraft heritage pieces

Put to re-use antique jewellery owned by your mother or grandmother. Redesign your mother’s old pendant with a new chain or get your grandmother’s necklace polished. You can even have their rings resized at a low cost. It is also one of the tips to save money while planning a wedding.

Determine the motive behind your purchase

In case you are buying jewellery as an investment, opt for pure gold as it appreciates in value. You can stay in budget if you opt for floral and chunky silver pieces during day events. Even if it’s a luxuriant splurge, keep in mind to buy your solitaire and emeralds from reputed jewellers.

Opt for versatile jewellery instead of statement pieces

To avoid financial crunches, it is reasonable to buy one statement set along with versatile pieces like chandelier earrings, kadas bangles and maang tikka.

Select lower karat options

One of the ideal tips to buy bridal jewellery is to opt for low carat gold or diamond jewellery. These are both feasible and easy to carry for brides adorning multiple ornaments. You can sport them every day, unlike heavy higher karat jewellery, which is simply put into a locker after the wedding ends.

Customise your jewellery

Brides may want to adorn a bespoke jewellery piece that is one of a kind. This process may turn out to be more expensive than buying readymade pieces. However, brides can manage their budget conveniently as they are involved in every step of the process. These tips to buy bridal jewellery on a budget will thereby help in mapping out the budget for the wedding to an extent and organise shopping respectively. Have a wedding planning checklist to ease the chaos.

However, in case you are faced with financial constraints when buying your bridal jewellery, opt for a secured financing option like loan against property. Financial lenders like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited help you avail such loans up to Rs.3.5 crore at a tenor ranging from 2 to 20 years.

Additionally, the company provides pre-approved offers that make the process of loan application hassle-free and saves time. Pre-approved offers are available on business loans, home loans, personal loans, and more. You can check your pre-approved offers by sharing essential details like name and phone number online. You only need to consider certain factors while opting for this loan for a wedding. For example, check the charges and rate of interest.

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