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Coronavirus: at Henri-Mondor hospital, “we are aware that the height of the wave will be important”

From the SAMU to the intensive care unit, the CHU teams are prepared for the acceleration of the Covid-19 epidemic. But doctors and department heads remain vigilant about the ability of the health system to deal with staff exhaustion. Doctor Eric Lecarpentier, head of the SAMU service at the Henri-Mondor hospital in Créteil (Val-de-Marne), takes a …

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Connect your body to the earth

So it is indeed “putting your body in contact with the earth”, explains Loïc Ternisien , naturopath and energy specialist, also author of “Naturopathy, the guide season by season”. By “earth”, we are talking about soil. It does not matter whether it is walking on earth, sand or even water, provided that the trampled ground is made of energy-conducting …


Facial treatment: the cream of creams to face winter

In winter, the skin has specific needs. More sensitive and often dehydrated, it may lack radiance. Here are some tips and our selection of “puffer creams” for the face, effective in protecting and regenerating the epidermis in depth. From December to March, our face, the most exposed part of our anatomy, is put to the test. Wind, cold …