5 Basic Fitness Accessories for Training at Home

Many people barely have time to exercise daily, or they do have time but prefer to train in privacy because they concentrate much more than in a gym room full of people.

Like everything, going to the gym has many advantages and disadvantages, but some people prefer to have their gym at home with their fitness accessories, because it allows them to do sports outside the gym, at their own pace and with their own equipment.

Dumbbells or weights

Dumbbells or weights are basic for training at home. You can find them in different sizes, weights, adjustables, etc. to work for different muscle groups. Dumbbells allow you to do many exercises to work especially your armschest and back. You can also find them with the classic bar and discs of different weights and sizes. An accessory that will help you gain muscle and define.


The rope is a perfect fitness accessory to warm up before any workout or to do sets among other functional exercises. It allows you to do mainly cardiovascular exercise that will also help you burn fat . Since it doesn’t take up anything, you can take it anywhere and train away from home. Jumping rope seems like child’s play, but how long can you keep jumping?